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Vocaloid Radio for Android has been discontinued
Please use TuneIn Radio instead

As requested, I made available the latest APK. This link must direct you to my OneDrive APK file named Vocaloid Radio v2. Any deviations from it signify that the link has been tampered with. Also, you should be aware that installing third-party APKs can be detrimental if they are not official or not the same from the Google Play store as explained in this post.

Below you will find all the information you will need regarding the Android App:

Legal Information              -- Click Here

Source Code                       -- Click Here

Version 2 - Radio Stream Page

App Version History:

Version 2.0 (Current Version)
App is now fully native! Better performance while also having fewer crashes, especially when switching between foreground and background.

Version 1.1
1. Minimum API required is now Level 16.
2. Conventions changed. All "Vocaloid Radio" text will be displayed as VR.
3. Partially fixed critical bugs and incompatibility with other Apps. 
4. Added information about earlier release.
5. RSS Feed Implementation
6. Main App now displays Recent Tracks along with the current track.

Version 1.0
Initial App version. Features include Background 128kbps streaming and information about the App, Stream and Vocaloid Radio. App was designed for API levels 15 through 19.