VR Windows Full Gadget

This Page is dedicated to the Windows Full Gadget version. This Gadget is for Windows 7, but may work on Windows Vista.
VR Full Gadget Version 2.2
This Gadget refreshes every 50 minutes. During the refresh process, the Gadget will stop streaming if it is playing. To start playing again simply press Play. If you prefer a constant stream please download the separated gadgets HERE.

Legal Information: Click Here

Current Version: 2.2 

Download VR Full Gadget: CLICK HERE

App Version History: (Updated on September 10th 2014)

Version 2.2 
(Current Version)
1. Conventions changed. All "Vocaloid Radio" text is now displayed as VR.
2. Add RSS Feed
3. Server info now displayed on main Gadget view
4. Updated Refresh code snippet. The reworked feature should automatically update your gadget every 50 minutes. The drawback is that the gadget will stop streaming if it is playing during the refresh process. To start playing again simply press Play.
5. Overall code improvements.

Version 2.1 
1. Fix the issue where the main gadget view does not update the current track after ~60 minutes. This issue was found and reported by Stan Halter. Thank you for your contribution! For more in-depth information, see the picture below Current Version text.

Version 2.0

1. Main Gadget Window redesign.
2. Current album displayed on Main Gadget.
3. Version now displayed on Settings Menu.
4. Changed the Website on the Gadgets main menu.

Version 1.0

1. Initial Version

Issues? Please contact the Developer through the contact form located in this blog. Don't forget to mention which version you are using (Located on the settings menu.)

This gadget was developed using David Gevaerts code as a guide. His original code was posted on Code Project. To access the project CLICK HERE.