VR App Legal Information

This page contains all the legal terms that every user must agree before using any of the apps created by the Developer ("Deovandski"). The legal terms and all of its contents corresponds to all the available Interfaces (Windows App, Windows Phone App, Windows Gadget and Android App.)

Copyrights related to Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid and VocaloidRadio.com is reserved to its Owners. VocaloidRadio.com provides the radio stream and the developer  provides the user of select interfaces to interact with the station.

Section I -- Media Copyright

  • An Interface may use the drawing Angel in The Dusk. This photo was created by the Developer and more information concerning this photo can be found Here.
  • An Interface may use a picture that has characteristics of a public domain photo or the author is unknown and the developer could not get a permission:
    • The image in which partial name is "Abstract Blue Vocaloid Dress Hatsune Miku" is solely used when there is no advertisement to be displayed. The Image source is hdwallpaper.ws and it can be viewed Here.
    • The image in which partial name is "clouds dark Hatsune Miku" is used as the background for some Interfaces. The Image source is Konachan.com and it can be viewed Here.
    • The image in which partial name is "Hatsune Miku[2011X1400]" is used as the Interface icon. The Image source is Picc.it and it can be viewed Here.
If you are the owner of any content being used in any Interface please contact the Developer through the contact form displayed in the desktop version of the Development Blog.. 

Section II -- Advertisement information
  • All donations made through the website and Interfaces is exclusive to VocaloidRadio.com unless otherwise stated by the donor. The revenue from the Advertisement displayed on the Interfaces is dedicated exclusively for paying the annual Microsoft Developer account fee. If within a year the ads revenue surpasses the annual fee of that year, 75% of the extra revenue will be given to VocaloidRadio.com.
  • the Developer is not responsible for the ads being displayed nor what they do to your device. On Windows Phone and Windows all ads are served by PubCenter.
Section III -- Interface information
  • The streaming address in which the Interfaces connects belongs to VocaloidRadio.com. Any issue that occurs within the streaming address or its server is not under my jurisdiction. Furthermore, any interface issue labeled "Server Side" means that an error occurred while the interface tried to stream from VocaloidRadio.com and that this error may result in delay as the developer does not have direct access to the server.
  • If you would like to download one of the Interfaces you are obliged to do so through the official sources (Microsoft Store/Google Play and this blog for the Windows Gadget.) Any downloads outside the official sources is illegal and is not linked to the Developer nor VocaloidRadio.com. 
  • The Developer is not responsible for the misuse of the Interface nor the information that it contains. By using the software provided you agree that VocaloidRadio.com and the Developer are not liable to any damages.
  • The Developer will be frequently checking the streaming addresses and will keep posted of any issues on the Technical Information page of the respective Interface. To access the Technical Information page which includes information about streaming status, updates and know bugs about the Interface that you currently use, visit the respective page below:
VR Android App Official Page -- Click Here

VR Windows App Official Page -- Click Here

VR Windows Phone App Official Page -- Click Here

VR Windows Gadget Official Page -- Click Here

VR iOS App Official Page -- Click Here

Post updated on 7/10/2016